Without the first step, there can be no second...

A photo of me sitting on a grey couch, holding up a peace sign, wearing an Avatar The Last Airbender t-shirt.
Who else loves Avatar The Last Airbender?

May 21, 2022... this is the beginning.

After so many years of fear and self-doubt, today is the day I finally throw myself into the deep end and start my own blog...

As I round the middle of my thirty-second year of life, there is so much that I have learned over the years. I wish had archived more in a virtual format. I wish I could read through old posts and experience those same lessons again for the first time.

Sharing my thoughts publicly always found an excuse. I felt like I "never had the time" to write or share my thoughts. Some of my most abused excuses:

  • Nobody will want to read what I write!
  • I'm no expert... why would anybody want to hear what I have to say?
  • I am a private person. What if people hate me?

The biggest pattern between my excuses is fear; fear to take the first step because I don't know if I'm a good enough writer... or if my grammar and punctuation are correct. Fear of exposing myself publicly and being judged for who I was. And even the fear of feeling like I was gloating whenever I had a success.

I wish all of my life was a success, that my thoughts were always clear, and that I always said the right things...

Who actually feels that way though, honestly? (Well... aside from narcissists, but we're not talking about them.)

Gah! Welcome to this adventure! Welcome to my intense world and into my scattered thoughts. I promise it's going to be a colorful and emotional journey, filled with honesty and transparency... and love, hope and compassion... with some fear and anxiety mixed in.

I'm aiming to write every day for at least the next three months. Trying to start this off by going all-in from and letting the journey progress naturally from there.

It's Saturday afternoon and here I am on my computer. Let's keep this post short so I can take my dogs out on a hike. Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for reading all the way to the end =)